Community links to ideas… they somehow join…

I am watching “Shana Lynn | Building Community” While doing this, I am drawing on the journey maps for schools, food and on the apparel industry. When I ask how it is possible to have every put of the world meet sustainability by 2030. Can the community culture solve this as the biggest problem we are facing?

Listening to Sam Ovens and Shana Lynn, there are questions about why people are not building community or why is it people can’t. Is hard to start one…

  • Fans
  • Influencers
  • Passionate about something you do and the people who are in it
  • Forget about the money and is really about the people

If there is anyways, we can think of it, working together and helping each other by doing this, we are helping our community simultaneously.

I always remember the story. I was in another service design event 6 years ago. How do we add ourselves to a map, so we all know where we are simultaneously. How can we help the carbon footprint by having a track to deliver goods, and when everything is delivered, can the track deliver other goods on their way back to packing the track and end the day?

Is this doable? I am now listening to “#1 – Blake La Grange | Music, Collaboration, Courses.” Love it! This is what Swiss is like for the craftsman and people who go to schools/college?

Here I draw on Figma. I am not sure if I am doing this right in any way. I may be very wrong in how I think about this. I now only want to find people who may think a similar way…

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