How to get connected?

The Process in Youtube?

The 2 Types of creators

  • Colbert
  • Talk show
  • Few Formats
  • Film in the same place
  • Cordens
  • Variety Show
  • Many Formats
  • Film in different places

This got me thinking about my research on kids and the education system. If this is of what links to what. The more differences, it has somehow attracted a different kind of audience.

Youtube algorithm will recommend your shorts alongside each other. From working with variety of contents it attracts different kinds of viewers.

Here are some notes on what this should be when we like to attract more viewers

  • English at 8 Gardes level (13 – 14 years old)
  • to know what level the wordings are
  • Marry with your Niche. Really know what you are good at and how it all links.

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