The subjective me…

Collecting from one thing to another. Insurance and interaction? What is in this mind of mine? I have been finding it hard to find the right insurance for myself too. In the culture of Hong Kong we have agents to get all our insurance. But how is it that we get to really buy the right insurance for ourself? Who do we go to? This was the pain I got to understand when I had some interviews with my friends…

“2 hours of chat, with a stranger then one get given a 2 inch A4 paper to read?”

Yes, stranger will follow up all if anything happens, but over 80% I should not be claiming insurance, right? How may this work? how is it this interaction be a better one?

I remembered, I was looking for one myself! Wanting to find a machine to work out what I need. I ended up trusting a machine more then a human. I tell all I am true fully where I don’t want to let anyone else know.

Here, I ask… how may the agent be interacting with the machine or how is it this can make a better experience for users? Let’s try this out and see what I get out from this? Always good to have a practice and see if dreaming is wrong? LOL!

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