Elevator pitch for a design system, what will I do…?

But after, I realised this was the worst answer I could have given.

As a UX designer, I ask why, when, where and why at all projects, but here this should be the same — reading the book by Robert Greene, knowing more about understanding people.

To start the conversation:

  • On a consistency on the UI to have less learning crave for the users
  •  Designers and developers use a unified language where we work together to create and replicate quickly and at scale.
  •  It takes the pressure off design resources to focus on more significant, complex problems.

When the stakeholder may not know what a design system is, this is what I should be asking myself:

  • Where am I? 
  • Let’s say I am in an elevator for real. I should find something in this system that tells a similar story.
  • Let’s take the Query Bay elevator from my old office and ask what it was like to use it for the 1st time.
  • For the project we are doing, I should take one of the pain that align with his role and to find from the 3 points, I had to align to our pain most and sell him on it.

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