2021! :)

As 2020 ends on Thursday, lets have a look at what happened?

From Insurtech to now working with different clients and having my own office in a co-working space, a space with a community of entrepreneurs who have different industries background. Sometime we can talk on a topic for an hour or two, understanding how other feels and learn from each other. Where I am happy to spend some money, renting a place meeting new people, seeing different point of views, for a UX designer to really give empathy to others. This tells me I have to try my best to stay in this mode.

Habit I have now and should keep!

  • Listening Creative Confidence Podcast Love this so much as I drame to be making | doing | designing. Allow our hands to do the thinking. IDEO U really is the best! The more I read and listen on the things they do, I can only fall more in love from the things I do now.
  • Blickest – Reading is not what I do best as I will go onto a sentence and dream on at where it may bring me to. So listening to a book and what is all about I can really have a go on the key point and if I love it so much I can listen to the full book for just 7 to 10 hours. Just love this APP!

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