Understanding computer…

From researching the history of computers. These stories lead me to understand more on how all these machines started and why:

  • Charles Babbage (Difference Engine No. 1, 1833)
  • Alan Turing (Bombe, encrypted secret messages from Enigma, 1939)
  • J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly (Eniac, Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, December 10, 1945)
  • Gordon Welchman (traffic analysis to now we may call cloud while he was in Bletchley Park, hut 6 with Turing)

After reading on Turing I have gone to “The Alan Turing Institute” Read the thinking of work for the future by Beth Wood. Within this, I too ask the same question about the nature and creation of jobs. We are not working within a country when we are online but within a global market. I am experiencing the same thing, maybe in a different way, while I was online doing freelance, and even when I am doing the job?

  • When I design I should have a persona in mind, but when a business says I should think of it as a global app or site, I should make it as simple as possible. To use simple words and language, as well as simple interaction.
  • Think of it as a game for 3 years old to play, when I read books on how to write better,  they all said to write for anyone to understand.
  • May this global communication become one or is already one…
  • As English is the international language now, most online working spaces are? From Statista.com the most used language used online in 2017 was
    1. English – 25.4% when The World’s Most Spoken Languages 3rd – 372m
    2. Chinese with – 19.3% / The World’s Most Spoken Languages 1st – 1,284m
    3. Spanish – 8.1% / The World’s Most Spoken Languages 2nd – 437m

Notes on: “More than 50% say the computer helps every each of us, every day, but if we asked if we think is helping the society or community? The answer to this is only 12%.”  The good, the bad, and the internet? – Martha Lane Fox (CBE)” O’Reilly Media, Inc.

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