How may space be used?

Finding a space with good internet and interacting with people is not easy in Hong Kong. I am now at my flat’s clubhouse, wondering if this space can be used more efficiently? A space with coffee tables and sofas. No one ever comes here as I am guessing they are at work.

A beautiful space but only are used for residents who are waiting for buses to arrive? I had a read on city planning philosophy. Some say in the old days, a town to build a square for people to meet and get to know each other can may make the place more lifely.

  • Make more income for the villa. (co-working space in the city to have a table and chair, is HK$1000 per mth)
  • A place to meet others, closer community
  • A place for kids (school age,  5 – 12 years old or older) to meet and chill
  • Books for others to read and shear
  • Who are the users? What do they need?
  • From 9:00am – 6:00pm, people are at work, if we can use this space more efficiently.

For anyone from young to old, we need to be learning every day. Reading newspaper or books is always good! After all, is use a subjective feeling on my blog.

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