Today, from asking how many types of website out there now… to what is a city? I live in one, but somehow I don’t know how was this city build?

What is the most essential needs within a city?

  • Air. Oxygen is one of the most essential human needs.
  • Alkaline Water. Apart from air, water is the most essential element of life.
  • Food. The body can survive quite a while without food.
  • Shelter.
  • Sleep.

What makes a good city? 

  • Order and variety
  • Visible life
  • Compact
  • Orientation and mystery
  • Scale
  • Make it local

The environment within the web has it’s order but at the same time to me is also a chaoticP one. A space with a lot of information, if the blockchain works? To giveit a bit of order?  Like the city we are in, there is always both to make it a bit more interesting!? 

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