Kill waiting time

While I was reading O’Relliy’s Bear book. Within the 1st chapter, seeing the happenings shown in Fig 1… we are used to the way we are now, how is it we can interact with our user while waiting for my train, let’s do some grocery shopping? The surprise of reading this, I really should concentrate and read more on the happenings within our time now!

  • Interactive within the physic space we are in
  • Pain we have within the city now?
  • The posters and ads we have now here and there? what are they going to change to in 10 years time?
  • Design thinking – the shops we have in the shopping mall now, in the weekdays no one really goes to them, how can this designed in a different way in getting the space use for other things, and be better for the brand, to have great interaction with the society and be a gain for the stuff there as well as the business?

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