Modernism: Designing a New World : 1914-1939 exhibition

Modernism (1914-1939), a show I will never forget, a show I still questions…

The Last room I was in. Chapter 7, in the book it was titled as: “The Healthy Body Culture” – “The effect of that time of destruction seems to have been a burning desire for sunlights and clean air and clear thought.” Raymond McGrath Twentieth Century Houses [1934]

More and more, now in 2015… I see we are all the same, or if this is my age now, we are all wanting the same thing as it was 100s and 1000s years ago. Health.

The film “10th All-Sokol Slet at Strahov Stadium in Prague, 29th May 1938 [cat.203b]”

Just a note on something I miss but not sure why… the questions not answered from 2006. May be I should read the book to remind me in what happened…

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