“The means of reproduction of images…” John Berger, Ways of seeing

John Berger, I was watching it again and again. A book we had to read at BTEC (1998), now, seeing it online. It ended in episode 4, asking why, how and where we now are. (TV program made in 1972)

A language of words and images we see now everywhere we go, the publicity picture suggests that if we buy what it is offering, our life will be different from what it is? The alternative way of life all these images are showing us, it doesn’t matter how they get it, how they have the money, all matters are just we want you to buy things that are not needed? Stimulate others imagination, making these images as envy as possible.

Then watching ted.com, asking people to work on the things you believe in is more important.

I am now asking myself, what is the reason for me to make images or the art that I do now? Finding reasons behind image making:
• to tell a story
• to make a statement
• to find beauty
• finding surprises while making
• to enjoy the process of making while thinking and understanding the meaning of making while drawing

Making a decision on what my belief is on beauty, may well be too subjective. Finding balance in visual language should be within rules from history to now, playing the part outside the box.
Maybe best to stop here, let’s see how I play…

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