The Shock of the New, what is next?

“Entrepreneur Revolution” by Daniel Priestley. Only just started. Just some notes on page 11.

  • 1800s – telephone invented / 1920s started to take off
  • 1920s – Air travel was born / 1950s started its popularity
  • 1930s – TV was born /  1950s people started in believing in it
  • 1960 – 1st computer was born/ 80s – 90s people begin to use computers at home
  • 1989 – Tim Berners-Lee came up with world wide web / in 2010 over 20% of people in the UK didn’t have internet at home
  • 1998 – Google started
  • 2004 – start shear ideas online
  • 2008 – Cloud computer was born

I was surprised in finding this out which I shouldn’t be. It is so right…  Many things invented, took us time in knowing what it is or how it become something New.

Having the book back in 1999 – “The Shock of the new” by  Robert Hughes. A book who studies art had to read, the title says it all. Now 2014, we have not changed much, still at the stage of wanting to have “The Shock of the new”.

Now thinking back on the subjects I studied;

  • Old and New
  • Subjectivity and Objectivity
  • Mother Nature (spend a day on the woods)

These philosophical subjects we discussed in my BA years, I am still trying to understand them in my everyday’s life. Asking questions on what we have now and how we can find something new within it.  Like me last post about “Graphene”, pencil? A graphene battery? There are so much to know and so much I don’t know. Loving it!

Looking for the new, mixing different culture, finding new inspiration form others, be a child again. What are not seen, what I fear, what I fear is where I may find something new?

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