Too Long, CNY thinking time

Have been working hard in the other side of the world, and here I am thinking… I have not been drawing for too long and still WANTing to start drawing again… But for this long holiday, I have time to go back to the magazine and the documentary that I love!

Watched BBC and Bloomberg, both happened to be about online market and how our I.T. masters start in creating the virtual world that anything can happen, facebook, apple, LinkIn, Paypal, eBey etc…

Ammmm… reminded me… a balanced life is kind of needed, writing about nothing, reading… thinking… then speaking to myself etc… silly but I still love it!

Now,  am watching the TV while I am writing, “Bloomberg” – on the entrepreneurs of how to start “”Soul cycle” USA.  These classes may be useful for me. Like the fitness thing… thinking of which going to a class is good, or better then having doing it alone… , if we have it here in HK? ahah!!

I miss my / my Discovery channels / my bookssss / cooking… good that I got in realise it.

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