Looking into hoe cotton is made and where it all started, thank you to University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture

A note to remember on this from Kirsten:

July 5, 2011 at 3:06 pm

“Oooooo……Loaded question.  Best type of cotton T-shirt material is actually a preference.  Which do you prefer?  Long lasting, durability, comfort, feel, texture, color fastness?  All of the above?  The general preferred T-shirt material for color fastness and wearability has been a blend of cotton and polyester.  The blend percentage varies slightly.  These days T-shirt materials are being produced that are very thin and light weight but they can be seen through a little and they can be destroyed rather quickly.  A more precise question you might ask is what quality do you want for you end product?  Then go from there.  My preference is shifting, I tend to like a newer cotton/lycra/rayon blended knit.  It has a drape to it but stays cool and stretches so is flattering and comfortable.  Hope this helps.”

plant in making cotton

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