The line of 1000…

From my history in drawing BA, my drawing of machine like diagrams, This was why I came back to Camberwell and did my MA in Digital arts. The believe in hoping that I am able to start understanding the building of a machine and how they are done.

The drawing had a start, and so did “The line of 1000 corners”, made on 4th July, 2009. I am still drawing out the mind of mine within the continuance process I am following now. Is not where the start is or the end is, is the process of it all. For the last 3 day and only 3 days it took my on making “The line of 1000 corners” having to many sure I did 334 per day. All the corners are done now, but I know I am too clsoe to it that I find it hard to link it to my citial mind!

The grid I started with thinking of making the line of 1000. Knowing it is one line of something. “One” is me and where that mind of mine start off! I read back to my “machine like drawing” It started of with the word “LINE” in Chinese. I have long forgotten this was the start of my map! (I called it map is because is like a mind map, drawing that reads my mind more by my own understanding of myself but the drawing will!)

The line I tried and find with in a space..
The line of 1000 I made within a space… in a 3d space internally!
A machine I am trying to be to make myself in seeing things at an infinite ways in building my knowledge of creativity.

And this is the “me”, I am the rules.¬† During the time when I made this 1000 corners, there were rules from the college and I tried my very best in fitting my work within it as I understand this is part of me now to make to please that number! Is it the maths / statistic of the worl I am in? Where all is the power of consumerism?¬† Is it the like of others are the right? I always ask myself, if I am to make something is it then the most importent for other to like and understand?

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