Anything and everything!

The more I sit there and think of what this is all about it trun out to be many things in the line I am processing.  The openest of questions that will be unanswered still after the couse and being able to know this is what will happen in the coming future.  I am here in the UK this year the finding of “The line of 1000″….

The like of entering into the new space each day, and the next and the counting of lines that are not sured if other will be counrting them like I will.  Is like a line that will be unknown.  I am here the rules are changing each day as there are new findings of my vision in the space.  I obseva and stop.  May be I should not as time are tite.  I know this too well.  Is the understanding of the line and I now have got to understand what the line do in the space and what the line does within it then can I start build a machine that is doing the same as I did?  Is it then the mind is where I am now trying to explore now as my resauch had shown me.

My eye is not liking the visual that I am making but is it then the concept has more, where can I take this belance? I know the line may not be understood the same in others, the same as I am.  But is just the simlpest of it all, the line is not just a line.  The unseen is there, is just unseen.  The short and the long-term plan thing within the would of me and it, the space!

from the 10th June, the lost of my log and computer, 3 weeks ago, I started painting the space, being in the space and interacting with the people there and really knowing the space.  6 years I was in this college now, this is the 1st time I really look at this place and now getting to know it more.  How much I try to be objective, I am not!

The undersatnding of the tourch of build is not perfect in anyway in the “number”( the accratance) I am not and I am trying to be.  To slove problem in a short time.  This is what I will be facing when I am back in the reality as why do I say so? Cos I know I am not this year in some way.  People here are not like the world of money!

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