I am making the line of 1000 corners, and there in the Tate, there is the “Cold Corners”  just found out about it today when someone have taped a news paper review in the space I am working at.  There I know now but have not seen it yet, but will have to in the coming weekend or next week when the “1000 corners are done.”

Lets go back a bit, yesterday I started the line.  I started it so that the line is going horizontal across the corridor.  Like this:


May be this is really the start of understanding the line within a 3D space.  The rules that are build… within it simplfild the way line is and the way how the line is behioring within this interal space.  When I am inside I read the line within and see it taking me somewhere, but only a short term and not knowing where this will take me, as the same time hoping or beliveing it will come back to the gound floor when I don’t even know if it is going to the basement yet!

If I had did this (Like the image shown, I will not be able to use the whole space but stop in 1/2.  So I took it all off today and started again!

With the help of friends and classmate I observe with them and trying to see the happening.  This is where I should record, this the paper will be a record of the space where I can take away.  The need of other recording will still be needed as then I can see of when I am doing that I have not seen.  Like others taking photos of me or illustrating me within the space.

1000, and it was going to be 200 a day, but now I will only have 3 days, I will need 333.33 per day, where I was unable to do so as I was unable to find a ladder for the height of the ladder for the whole mirning.  Next time I really should have made a plan of the work earlier so that I can see this coming!

Suprise keep coming and this I had aimed for in the begining of the year.  today the suprise is that the bigger the space is the less tape was used.  on 1st May, I uesd 3 rolls of tape and now I am only on my 2nd one!!

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