Start of the line

Today I am to start my line , but not sure yet if I should when I am waiting still of the paper.  The building of the paper onto the wall, I am hoping to have a day to 1/2, then to have 3 days on the making of the 1000.

The feeling of having to ask again aain of what I am doing is much to do with many that I been though this year.  There are always little links into the reason of the way I am making in my work.  The work is telling me, who and what I am in what I do!

This to me there is a part of me telling me this is what I see others are doing in the work of design… The me that was influcance by them as much as I hate it I be came one of them!

Start to the near of the color of the wall, the wall and the start… I am on 38 now, the very 1st 100 may be the most difficult as the line is playing in a not used to visual to me as I have been using black before.

Yes, now is gray, visually not as strong as “black line”, is not shouting anymore!  The line is linking into the space more when the colour tone is the same.  Is the space where I already have, is the way it will take me to!  Today I have the paper on the wall, is all really to go!

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