Red, gray & white

Chatted to Andy today about the way I should continued my work.  With the build of the new “wall” with the reasoning of “Us” the digital artist had asked for it to be build-ed at at the very 1st place.  And at the same time this will be better for the college, hoping it will stay for next year and many years to came for the future students to show their work and so on…  though I know not having the wall may work better in my work, I told John C. it will be fine to have it as all was organized.

Now the wall is painted and all installed.  Entered into the space early this morning, I stand back looked at the space, I see the gray & white there are no black in the staircase or in the c there are no reason in putting the black into the space as black will become a layer added in and not the

Red, grey and white this is when it will be, is about the space and about the way my work is now in! In this space I was in for the year, or is the work where  the world of Digital is going now.

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