To China

I had a look at the artist residence programs in china, and many of them are self paid, there for am thinking if I am going to continue my art, I have to have a job on my hand.  Will have to be garphic as I was in it for 3 to 4 years, may be this is the 1st thing for now to get some money and then go on to residence programs in china.  The want of going to china is there and was there about a year ago when I applied for this MA.

When I was in the class today about what to do next and how to get out there be an artist is hard but the idea of the short and long term plan, I really should start on it! There are more then 20 of artist residence programs in china, which is a really good thing, I really think now to be able to understand the 3rd part of me is really impotent!

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