The wall

Today I have been working on the wall on the ground floor and there are much dicussion on the way that was build by the college and with the help of my class mate there are no way I can make it as perfect as I like it to be.  So this was said and may be that I have to leave it as it is.  But this I really don’t feel right in it, as always when I am into my Art side of me or the design side, I like things to be as perfect as possiable whenever I know I can I still like to be so.  A show I am in though I know one can say I am only a student, I still think I should do the very best with the time I have now!! Is wednesday today and I only have two more days in making the space as pacfect as I can.  What should I do?  The cleanest or the work of interacting with the space itself as I said many times before?

All the work I do so far, I had try to be as minimal as possiable, the chose of the subject in all those years, a line and details.  Meaning of culture but “one” has one that mixes to the next.  The meaning of it when I think of the visual to be accptable is to have a large sheet of paper covering the wall as this is the space where I can not change but was added in this week.  Is my furlt in many way that I did not have my propessal as clear at the time when other class mate is handed in the plan of the space.  And this I have stpend not enough time in the space!

This week when I had, the changes of the space changes!  This is when I ask should I worried about the space as a 3D or the @D more?  Is the look of it or the context of it? Part of me is tell me the context of it but the other say to me that I am doing visual arts!  3 mins off to the order of the paper now I have 1 more day to think about this! I really need to spack to someone to kick me off!

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