Painting of the space

I paint and paint, starts early in the morning and ends at around 7 pm. For 2 days now and the space is changing everyday. I have now have white paint on the floor and have to do a lots of touch up on Friday. Having the hope it will all be done on the day and able to start working on my “Line” on the 29th June. So 200 corner per day or will it be the 500 to 1000 mater? I am still working in a not knowing way.

Didn’t know the canvas of my work or the base… I am using the same amount of time as I am making the work it self! May be I should not put it this way. The time it take me in making the “1st May 2009” Line was a day. And now doing it in a much changed space, am I still going to have as much as a surprise to myself like the one did on “1st May”? The meaning of the line to me now have changes.

What I draw out from my mind do surprise me, like it is telling me in what I am thinking. To be an outsider and reading it, I am making the environment of the storyboard again. I enter to the space I see a lost of what to read and that may be why I really need the space to be based in 2 color, where ever the start and end of the entrance of the space, it will have a different reaction to the viewers in both ways.

There is one health and saftly thing came to mind is the dust in the basement, I do wonder if anyone do clean the basement, the amount of dust that is in there is like been there for years!  Ahah!! This is the college!!

Also I am now thinking my time table for the show is not done that well.  My plan was to have all the painting done in 3 days, now it has to be 5 days and the weekend for the writing up of the 2 to 3000 words.  Today, we have not done anything about the bright room too.  What we happen tomorrow?  As said may be painting of the whole space… Hope it all goes well as like the 2 dack space… am I just worring to much.  As said may be is a good idea to play with the space we have too.  Is about the work being in the space, as one said we can not have the space looking the best when we only have so little time!

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