The more I see the robot the more I see the links within my thinking of what machine is to me.  I made it in a such a way that it is making me not really noticing what I am doing when I am in it or another word, wearing it!  I can not hear, I can not see as much the right and left was covered with “black point” (180_angle?).  Then I ask why was it that I have done so or the person whom I still have no idea of had? Is this the world of “computer” now?  When the news on Friday BBC reported there are 10 000 more people who play online are affected when their id are stolen online when playing games.

There was the BA show on the 22nd June and it really attracted many more people to camberwell!! We should have done the maketing then.  Next time, I have to have a look at my time table more as for the day when Simon and I went out had no one in camberwell for the arts Fevtaival!!

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