Plan – health & safety

Thinking of where to start…

I am now painting the space, with floorpaint from the eastat serviers in college. I chosse 1st to paint the floor, because of hearth and selfty as this is the only exit from the basement to the gound floor, I have to make sure I start painting when all the student and staff are in college. This was the same reason in why I am doing this not in a parfessional way where really I should have done the wall 1st and not the floor, this will be a faster way in doing so too.

Dacker gray for the floor and billiant white for the wall, this already changes the space a lot. There are 3 main colours within the space now.

Space: Dark gary / White and Black.
Tape: 5 Light gary / 5 White and mainly 30 black (each of it are 25 m x 19 mm) Which then makes 500 mater long for the (black tapes only)

• Starting point : As the basement is the start of the line chossen as the centre point of the big great matel door.
• 1000 coners within the line or 1000 maters long? I now can find the 1000 in many ways. This I will not know until I start as much is to be juge by how it in partice fits within the space.
• The palying of the rules within the line is 2D but are placed with in a 3D eniorment!

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