Lost of my machine

On 10th June about 8:30 pm I was mugged in Camberwell and here is what I think I have lost….

My day to day folders.
My photos of the notes that I always forgets.
My sketch book, drawing and illustration. Tape drawings.
My mobile recordings of sound, my voice recording and other ref online and records of books.
The lost of all the site I go to and not remembered.

After all is all gone, and I really don’t know what was there and not! Without my note book and sketch I feel lost and like I have lost my best friend. I read my note book and I learn something about myself but now I am empty. Oh!! I miss most is the voice on (Alex) my computer, now I don’t understand the voice in college (Viki).

I think this will soon be ok though as I will get on and have to work though the MA. What can I do now. Where am I?

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