The 1st emporer of china

May be there is nothing to do with my project, but I was watching a documentary of the 1st emperor of china, and of what it is I can only say I did not understand it that well when I 1st read about him 14 years ago.  My very 1st art work that I did which was related to china or Chinese, where at the time I was only 16 years old.  Chi, he was a king that I thought with all the evilness and did not like, but I too thought he did a really good job in making the system that he made and putting “all” people together which we as Chinese are still very influenced by even after 2000 years on… (Good and evil?)  Looking back into history I learn! Each time I read I see it in a different point of view as I am different with in the time and space of where I mind was…

I always had somthing about the way I am looking into this world where I am observing.  The news or the books that I read or the way things are… may be because I know english but not only of the english but seeing the 2 culture in living in them and not letting it go.  Still having the thought I staying between the 2 culture.  This I learnt to like who I am but then there is a big part of me wanting to try out china, the land where is so big when culture is only too different in every town that I go.  The unknown of the Chinese language still needs to be known, may be this is why,  there are never place in the world as us humen really is too small, for that I or any to understand everything within the world of different cult.

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