Fashion & Constructivium

I was chatting to mum today about my project, I tried to let her know what I am doing in the staircase in College and was putting it into her context “fashion” as she worked in that industry for more then 30 years and that of what I saw in the Tate last month of Liubov Popova, Dress Design.

May be art or said to be the Visual arts is a fool after all, that the eye see things in a way that makes us feel in the wrong of the illusion?  I don’t want to make any right or wrong in what I am about to write but only of a subjective still in where I got to now.

Fashion, in “Gok” TV program I once saw about a month ago mentioned on how a human figure is and how we think of beauty can be then illustrated in the way how the clothing are made in making that illusion to make the balance of seeing from the others.  This to me is then how the construction of the “clothing” is made…

The relationship between the 2, the A &B.  In the rules of the 3rd where it meet.  Eg: the legs in reality is not … therefore made to illuion but wearing a high legged bottom part…

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