Ben Nicholson

My need of looking harder of what is it that I am doing to the space I am working on.

images from isbn:0854371304
images from isbn:0854371304

“Nicholson used line more or less to create tenion. In ‘July 1953 Cyclades’ (No 100), for example, the contrast between angular and cursive lines may suggest hard and soft, shape and blunt, warm and cool, acceptance and repulsion, maternal and paternal.”

Tate Gallery Cat.
Image from Ben Nicholson's Exhibition (13 Oct 1993 to 9 Jan 1994 - Tate Gallery Catalogue)

Looking at Nicholson’s work “back to the basics”  “One is wanting to put right back to the begaining, and then take one step forward at a time on a farm bases.” (From Tate Gallery Podcast of  Nicholson’s work online) This very much helps me in understands why I look at the line is such a detailed thoughts where within my act of doing may too be very simale in some ways.  The findings from undersatnding the basics means in the making of visaul langauge have an big importent within my work.  Understands why one is attracted to me as an image… the light where the space was diven within the time I was than looking and seeing.  Being about the judge how and why.  This year I have and more is like the reviwe year of the years I have done art.

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