TV and the media!

Today is the launch of the Big brother. Remembered ten years ago when it 1st started, I was in London too. A cult or a consequences of happening? British TV is doing now, and as I watch, I rethink of what I am watching. From what the people are showing to us. How much is it said to be showing the truth or if it is? Reality shows are still subjective!

Within the art of anything are and why is it that bothers me so much when it is subjective?  Am I trying to be an objective person whom I will never be?  Realising of happenings that rethink then criticise on the matter is where my MA have changed my way of seeing.  But which is the way to go?  Able to know or not know?  Only, at less I am clearer on what I am doing, writing and communicating…

An opening of Camberwell College of Arts and was trying to tell one of the illustration students in what is my work is about.  I found it amusing in how I explained myself…

After a long explanation of the distracted staircase with tape, I then went on about my research on machine and I think what I am doing in the staircase is only part of being a machine.  And there, I am a lot clearer as what I was doing?

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