reordering the writing of my line

Finding my Line of a thousand

A line drawn on paper with pencil.
A line drawn on screen with the mouse.
A line drawn 1000 times.
A line for I, to be counted within the number of a thousand.
A line made to be recorded.
A line made to build an illusion.
A line made to be shown.
A line within a space.
A line found in a space.
A line reflected in a space.
A line to react with the space.
A line moved within my capability in a space.
A line within an internal space.
A line in the physical space.
A line in the virtual space.
A line build of an external space.
A line found within a chosen space.
A line looping.
A line to tell a story.
A line within a moment in time.
A line between two points.
A line made from start to end.
A line when they join.
A line of light.
A line seen in the dark.
A line making a plane.
A line made from sound.
A line made chaos.
A line made to think.
A line in the view of perspective.
A line of text.
A line that travels.
A line made of vapour.
A line seen by others.
A line made from order.
A line of making.
A line to illustrate.
A line found.
A line made for others.
A line made by the others.
A line a figure is walking on.
A line built for the figure to walk on.
A line taped in a space for the figure to walk on.
A line reflected to us.
A line that makes one unbalanced.
A line to build an experience.
A line to me.
A line to show how I am programmed in the way I think.
A line tells me my mind.
A line of unknown.
Unknown! I shall follow you til the end.

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