a note to remember!

Vimeo or U-tube./ Facebook or Twitter./ Gmail, hotmail or yahoo. / also an paid account too! My mac.

Of cos there are the wiki…..
wikipedia, then my blog.

When was it that it all started? Getting home checking emails, I have within all the ones I have applied for!! Why was it again that I have so many again? The starting of my email life was the hotmail as I remembered in should be back in 1998. 10 years gone by, slowly is not the post box now. Letters changed to emails.

The differences between reading from the monitor and not letters receive from the post. The days where reading the drawing of hand writings inside an envelope where I was able to identified whom it may be from the art of handwriting… May be there are something will always be missing when the world moves on. We are now faster in communicating but is this really a better way to go?

The more we spend our time on the computer, soon was realized by the advertising industry. They now trying to put their thoughts into ours, but it is different isn’t it. “On the computer now!” Many of my friends in Hong Kong is now hoping to built a website to attract them in getting some money out of it, advertising… is not the same now is this not the new then? Last week when I was in a bar chatting to one of my friend who was studying the same course as I am now the MADA, she said Art can never really be “new” but is it not that “advertising” is an kind of art too? Now? The use of “we” and the “ours” is really what I shouldn’t have used somehow but still it is the way I feel “us” where may not be… but a feeling of what I think in the “us”.

May be from reading Darwin is where this is from, the meaning of ravlotion…  The new of every thing as soon as it has all the happenings within…

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