Recording of stairs


When I try and record what I did, I may find myself trying to tell a story in some kind of way! Yesterday I was in “Digital Noise – What place, what value”.   It was like a dream, an environment that I have never seen, may be is the not used to the space I was in? It was beautiful! The Greenwich Uni!  Is normal to see different space and different time to have different feelings within the space at time and moments.  This is where I start to relate to my work on the staircase.

There, I had the chance to speck to the audience whom have seen my work and many have said they liked it and it works as a piece of art work, and as the feeling, it gave them an illusion, “dizziness” they said.

After listening to the common that was made, I repeatedly ask myself… “ Is only a sketch, why is an illusion good? Where am I and why do I do what I did? As I do not understand truly how is it that I bring myself here how am I to know how to make it better?  Is it really instant? The kind of topic I should be looking at may be is visual perception as well as optical art (Op Art)

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