Golden Section?? (Look like but not!)

Is been a week, I read her notes:


She repearted on the computer using Adobe illustartor, to draw a more accurate drawing!


But this is not all triangle like the 1st one!  Why is that?  The different of the starting of the line?  I have to make one from the center of the square now!


Started with a point. Here is a line within a shape but at the same time had build shapes with a shape using a line!  Where am I going?  The one thing I know is I am doing the same thing as I was in my Drawing PgDip but only in a different way this time.  Not a line within a square but a line reflecting in a square!

Looking at the 3 drawings they are all very different!! Started with the point, when the meeting of the line to the farm (square), the line was drawn in 90º (3rd drawing- starting from the centre point) joining to the centre of the bottom line of the square.  Compear to the 1st drawing of the skatch in my notebook, it was 45º when met with the squear.  As it was a hand drawing, may be that it is not the centre of the square like drawing!!  Now remines me the drawing I did in Oct 2008. (Click here to see) The reasons in what I see and how or why is it that I see what I see?

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