Reviewing her notes

1st May 2009

Finding a canvas before starting. Stairs so she found herself standing in front of… up or down she asked. She started “UP” the stairs going downward she decided.

The second she started taping the black line she knew it will not turn out the way it will be planned! The tape were traveling within the shape of the space, if she really wanted it to be the same as it was planned on her notebook then she should have drawn a guide before starting her line, but she said to herself, I will like to see what happens from the start of the course she repeated many times she wants a surprise. So she went on!

The stairs at the basement has lower ceiling, as she is not tall enough to tape her line onto the ceiling, she started making tools as the following the rick assessment, cleaned the space!

I am now drawing the line in the space relating to her size as a human being? As always she try and relate all things together with her believe of all things have reasons!

1000!! Where is the 1000 here? She asked, “Should I be counting the number of turns? Or should it be the number of “time” in making the line happening here in the same space. Time line before the show is only 7 weeks and she knows!

Started noticing, the line is going to meet itself soon! The 1st set of shapes within the one line is not right!! if it has to be one line I have to do it right, so the rules have to keep as the same the hole way!

* one line
* the turn of the line have to be related to the line itself or to the turn of the space.

It is like the wave, the more she went on the more she see the line is turning into shapes of Triangle, the travel of the light and sound and all wave? The pattern look as many are in her knowledge. What is the pattern called? She started drawing on her notebook again and she see the same pattern is happening!

Before the change of the making of these rules she took photos of the happening and she made an animation, she read her records of happening, and playing them seeing them on the computer, she do not have the same feeling when looking at them now… how can I? the same feeling as in a physical space?

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