Tutorial 04

Name of Tutor: Jonathan Kearney
Date: 30th April 2009

Issues discussed/Subject:
• Blog – haven’t been able to show evidence of new knowledge. Not shown in blog or any other way. I do write everyday but is not about recording is analyzing and reflecting of what I have wrote or made to move forward. Here is an example used during the tutorial:

Looking back at the work I was planning to do for my MA show. To take 1000 photos of lines within the space I am living in. (Click here for the first 100 photo made) 10 space/ 100 photos each in making 1000.

As soon as I had the 1st place / 100 photos made.
J: Why is it that you don’t like this?
N: “not having enough rules.” she stopped and said: “No, it didn’t work because I didn’t have a brief, I was not clear enough in what it is that I am trying to do.”

May be then I do need a brief, a design brief. Where I was doing this during the time when I was working for the Design of the MA show, being able to make something really is to communicate with audience and not about my own view in humanity or a message. I am trying to investigate!

Investigating on how a line can be viewed, the one thing that made many things. Or the one that links many.

• The start of using “she” and not I. From my research paper to now the blog. Not liking the idea of ” I ” in my writing. I feel “she” is someone I don’t know and someone I will never know fully. As every day she writes in her notebooks, or even when she record her own voice, she jumps everywhere and I don’t understand her. But may be Jonathan is right, I need to know her better then to record her I will know more about her. Which means I have to find a hosting to upload her video! (should I keep for myself and not on the blog. I can still analyze her with what I see of her and not other to see! I will try to do this within the tiny project that I am doing tomorrow!)

• The tiny project – From the notebook, the idea of a line with counting numbers of shapes visually made (may be) I will be doing this in the staircase near our studio in college.

notebook drawing

Is like or am hoping when I have to redo this somewhere else I will then know what to do like the computer box I have spend the last week in making.  I did wanted to make another one as I really didn’t like the idea in copying someone completely!  But the reason was the time and as layout was done, should I still change.  Still the design is still changing.  Today I had 10 people’s modeling for me in shooting the computer box.  By Tuesday I should have them photoshop, 8 more to come.  We need to find 8 more students, this will need to wait till next week!  (Graphic design, one of my class mate said is a lie anyway why 18 students (us or not); copy and paste, which is better I don’t know this is why I am trying it out!)

• To remember to work as a table of 2 side, the points make in my note book on the day, write a bit about it as key points on the blog that day then in 2 or 3 days go back on it and let “blog” know what you feel of her!  And where to move from this point!

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