review myself from notebooks

Having two A4 notebooks in front of me.  I write and write still into my notebook but realizing I have to type them here in this blog as my course is base on the blog.  Blog! I am not who I am and I think blog you don’t know yourself as well as I don’t know you, are you a way of art too? Having not read the process I myself do not know in where it is going and not only that, Blog I only meet you when on my desk with a computer.  I don’t like it!! But I am doing it for the course! HATE IT! Andy have always said to me I should scan my notes onto the Blog. But I can’t as there are so many spelling mistake on it and I know no one will understand it but me! As I know myself well, been having journal for years, I like to write in ways that is what I will like to record and remember and that is why I like to write them down, but where I am and what am doing at the time I don’t write and will leave out. May be I should write here, for other to understand me in what I think. But too I think with art is not what they think of what the artist is thinking but is when one have the time to looking something and be able to be still and think of what their eye brings them. Not reading on artist reason in making as much….

Back and back!! Again… I read my note and have a different idea in the things I am doing or not doing!!!
Tuesday 11th Sept 2008 – She wrote about jobs, opening and wanting to have a job she can work for life! The hate of loop in the past 5 years within here 1st step into the reality of working as both designer and art related jobs. Within those years she have learnt a lot, she knows if not those years she will not be where she is now!
It seems, it opened her eye when looking back, a chose for her to have stillness for a year of her life.
• writing, reviewing, questions wear not answered. Working with designs of MA show, she gained… working with people and respect all happenings. The knowing of her passion in finding and asking, where she knows she will be doing so for many years to come. Art or design to her is both of an investigation of a kind as she have always believed. From studying drawing for 4 years, it is really hard for her to find a profession in as drawing is leaning in the process of making something. She wonder if there is a profession in findings and investigation. Or is this just too subjective in the way she herself is thinking of, when many she knows too are not known yet! Of course there are lots of investigation jobs around, is really knowing too what kind of investigation is it that you are looking for!
As I read back in what I wrote I am still asking if I really know what I was writing at the time when I was. When one is older, even tomorrow!! When I read this, of what I wrote, I will have a very different observation from now! Is that we may well be influence with something that happen within the minute and may be of a discussion of a kind!

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