Found a book on drawing

Basic Visual Concepts and Principles – for Artists, Architects and Designers
From Contents:


Chapter 5 – The Visual Elements of Form: Point, Lne, Plane, and Shape Page 79
A section on “Introduction to Line”
Characteristics of Visible Line
Practice Exercise 5.3: Line Compositions
Line Dividing Space
Line and Direction
Line describing Shape 97
Practice Exercise 5.4: Using Line to Describe Shape
Practice Exercise 5.5: Using Continuous Line and Contour Lines to Describe shape
Line Representing Surface Characteristics
Line Forming Pattern
Line as a Notation System
Lines Formed by Script and Typographic Letter forms
Line as a Visual Means of Expression
Line Creating the illusion of Dimension, Depth and movement
Line Creating Tone
Line Implied in the Natural Environment
Line Implied in Man-made Products, Forms and environments

The believe I have in the digital world as well as the physical world is the same, is to be detail in what we are looking at or reading… An environment of making in Digital can be as detailed like this book mentioned on Line. A grid I always starts off with tells myself I can only look at grid line looking at line.

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