making of the computer box

The making of the box really tells me a lot about making!! Though with all the years I have spend in art, I should have know this is what happens in the world of art is that the making of things will lead to the thinking of things which may seen very easy when looking at it.  but really is not!  I don’t know is it that I have lost my skill in making but surely known that this box making have taken me far too long!

The want for it to look better every day when I look at it.  Is not good enough and again is not good enough!! Everyday I go on!

I now need 18 people to wear it, why 18 many asked.  Why is it that I am not making it the same as the one I have as the leyout.  It really will be great if all the 18 of us can just wear this and the flier then is really about the 18 of us.  But I know this will not happen as the online is not in london!! Then I ask… how can I get the onliner in the 18 photos?? Can’t think of one!!

My email to people on the show…


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