short story of my friends

For my MA in digital arts, I have found it really hard to write all my feelings of my work here at this Blog.  Remembering when I did my research project I really like the idea to have a friend and being able to chat to a friend be telling stories may well be a better way to go.  Like Andy Warhol’s book on “B”.

May be I should start of my writing like so and I can or feel that I am not making a stand about the massage needed to take across??

The more I write the more I am hating the idea to be writing on something that is not “right” only of a subjective feeling.  At the same time being able to understand the important in the way one may feel about something.

My notebook is where I write, but I feel is all too personal for others to know….??  Should I be writing and tell the world on my work?  Should I really open up to the world on who I am?

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