Drawing symposium

During the symposium of Drawing I did not have a notebook with me and was not taking drown any note.  Now I can only remember!  The asking of “what is drawing?”

Remembering my time during my BA and PgDip, I was asking the same question.  Now I am in Digital arts, I now ask what is that?  Digital arts?  From learning in my research paper is the question of what is art more then anything else.  Drawing and digital arts to me are both a newer subject or word to used as a study of.  Drawing as a subject was not a long established course and the same for digital arts and there are new ways of seeing arts that had much to do with the way we view art now.  I can’t stop wondering if I am to think of it this way as me at this time, many of us in different will be viewing it in a very different way in the space and time or many other aspect of the being.

Within the blog I am then to be going on the same as mentioned in the symposium, is the process that is impotent in what we do not the final thing that is why we are to record, record and record

So I am mixed in the drawing as well as the digital arts now.  My history of being a graphic designer is the same, the forever of not knowing what is and what is not.  All links in but of all can too not linked but much in how one see it within the one self.

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