Design and Proposal

Today I have my feedback sheet back from Andy, it seems to him that I am not very clear in my study and there are not enough details in the Bolg in showing the work that I have done so far.

Was mentioned within the feedback that I have not been using the proposal as I should have.  Is shows me too that with all the art projuct of have done so far I have not been using or making that clear understand in how to do it too.  With all design brif that I have with in the commiucte world or anywhere.  I see the rules with in it very clearly and there are nothing about it that is not clear but art, to me is very unclear still.  Studied it for nearierly 6 years now and seems to me that there are so much in it I still don’t undersatnd and having to be makeing with resons and beuarty, I have never been able to such it in any ways, within the makings of things.

This year, I have been writing a lot and not able to make work.  Writing to me is an art and all is an art.  The line I am reseaching on is the theme which was with me for the past years I like to finish which I never got to finish in my PG Dip year.  This I will never finish too.

Sound, words, english, culture, language.  Was resuaching on the Poet Sylvia Plath, her voice, her writing, her recordings of her feelings in language.  Her story and all is a story of a humman being.

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