The story of writing

It took me long to realize the means of reading.  Anything in the would is from an author of some kind and this applies to art.

“Writing and literacy are generally seen as forces for good.  It hardly needs saying that a person who can read and write has greater opportunities for fulfilment than one who is illiterate.  But there is also a dark side to the spread of writing that is present throughout its history, if somewhat less obvious.  Writing has been used to tell lies as well as to educate, to make minds lazy as well as to stretch them.”  Andrew Robinson – P8, The story of writing.

I should know the writings from the internet, mostly are subjective point of view?  Should knowledge of others be paid? I don’t know why I have these worries of human are following this virtual world knowledge is right or not.

When I read on the internet now is like in a unknown street, an unknown space, I am reading writing that I have to criticize with the little knowledge I have.  So what ever I write here in this blog and may read this as a message which is wrong too!

I ask again and again, the language of number, Statistics really of what is right?  I was educated here in this culture but in a different culture the right and the wrong will be very different. The calcalation of the wrong and the right to one self may be a very different story to another.  Science and findings are many base on number? the more or less something is? Is then where the right or wrong, left or right is?

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