Proposal – Draft1

Working Title:
1000 / Line
• Natural:  The art of recycling, mother natural loop!
• Science:  Investigating of the human made ‘science’.
• Mathematics:  What we believe as a system / order.


I aim to use a line in understanding the one we are in or at! The 1000 as the method in letting I to investigate the loop within all.

Make a line, tell a story, interacting within it.  People who influence within.  History and us, tracing back and now. Thought audiences as the same time I am, art and knowledge of life. Making machine, making as again but only us that can stay.


In control, be objective but I know subjectivity is always there like order is there and so is chaos, where can I find the balance to find the beauty?

Using objective mind in finding surprises!  Where the surprise led to, be there another new system of rules or should I be striking to one?

I am in a system, the system of humanity. When a human is involved in this where the chaos in which it entered into the system? I am lost in this still!  I know though the failure is good!  If not failure I will not learn!

Technology today influences the way we think, where most of us became comfortable within our zone. But really how the virtual world is now is how we made it to be and there is always a better way in going about the subject. How we built our system of information within, is just like how we build our space in our physic world.  Within my project, I will be exploring is how the physic links within the virtual world we are in at this moment in time.

Digital world was first made up of on/ off, now by using start/ end of a line.  Building a  visual partice  should led me to an investigation on another way in seeing the vitrual.

Thinking of the future, where may we be in 10 or 20 years time? Will TV games take over TV? Will there be only online education? Will the next generation online be learning from the virtual world and how are we putting all this into control? When is the free shear mean in the future? We human made machine to help us in doing systemic things, How don’t the chaos come into it? With all this in my mind, can I build a line that can map this out?

Key figures:
•    MC Escher – mathematical principles of symmetry and pattern
•    Sol LeWitt – book of doors and book on early programming
•    John Maeda – where programming become a surprise of imagery
•    John Cage – creative thinking and realizing the world around we are in now! The cult of different in the sound of every day!
•    Peter Greenaway – story telling of the future
•    Lev Manvich – to learn from the past in the making of new media culture
•    Marcel Duchamp – moment in time


By looking at ‘line’, I will like to see if there are other ways in making a line within the digital and physical world.  If there are so much ways in the physical world there most be more in machines too!

Outcomes: From using the natural rules of order to built an outcome of surprise.

Media: A machine with layers of information turning the physical ‘Line’ into a virtual one!

• Make works in the rule of order- a line, looking at the line of 1000 ways.
• Record the process of work.
• Review the result within the output.
• Loop!!  Work within the detail in the theme becomes the other part of the ‘keyword’.
• Using the internet, reading books in asking myself question in why am I making the work and how in knowing the doing of my action.
• To shear me, to work with other class mate of MA Visual Art in building how we communicate with others in the physical world as well as the virtual world we are in now.
• Finding the best way in making my work and how in understand myself led to understand how the world can in using visual language itself!
• In using the visual language to communicate.
• Slowly doing something is making me in understand a method of making something.  To be slow but detail in making work that really work.
• look into the cult I am in, the 3 language I use, English/ Chinese/ Images.  I jump from one to another everyday.  Look in it!! How it all really is one and this is where it will be one too in the world, the globalization of us!
• Idea, people who have done it before and where I can find where will it go next?  In combining the 2 side of my brain and 3rd the making of my hands from my brain!

Risk assessment: meeting stranger on the road and doing my primary research on how other think of this ‘line’.

•    Week 1 to 6 – research and understand on the question in why am I doing this MA.
•    Week 7 to 10 – lean the media in where my work will be shown as.
10 weeks (every Tuesday night classes) of flash in LCC
4 sections workshops (every Monday morning in Oct to Nov.) on CSS and HTML in understanding the language of programming!
2 section on Final Cut Pro. (14th to 21st Oct)
•    Week 11- 1st Exhibition, “Drawing A Lecture” and reading in understanding why the Grid!
•    Week 12 & 13 – House Gallery Exhibition – helping out the group, understanding the art of curetting a show. 1st set of work in processed.
•    Week 14 – Start in reading Foundation Processing Creative Coding and Computational Art
•    Week 15 – 1st set work to be processed and shown for cite!
•    Week 16 to 18 – art work in process for Mid point review (cites).
•    Week 19 to 25 – rework!
•    Week 26 to 30 – Loop!
•    Week 31 to 35 – 2nd set work to be processed and shown for cite!
•    Week 36 to 45 – gets ready for show.

Physical – (past)
A line can be drawn by pen.
A line can be drawn by pencil.
A line can be drawn by brush.
A line can be drawn by ink.
A line can be drawn by water.
A line can be drawn by hand.
A line can be drawn by animal.
A line can be drawn by landscape.
A line can be drawn by wind.
A line can be drawn by wave.
A line can be drawn by audio.

A line can be drawn by burning!
A line can be drawn by growing!
A line can be drawn by hoping.

A line can be drawn in many different mediums.
A line can be drawn in mathematics code.
A line can be drawn in natural.

Digital –  (past & now)
A line can be drawn in the format of vector.
A line can be drawn in the format of bitmap.
A line can be drawn in the format of programming.

A Word – (Future)?

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