Area 10

Yesterday was a cold, cold night!  From 8pm to about 12am, my class mate and I was in area 10.  met Ed.K too!! At Area 10 in Packham.  It was dark and cold, being to a show in the kind of environment I was in, a small room in a big warehouse.  It was hard for me not to think of war, death and of course the move of many noise within the performance art!  Within the show I found Mick Grierson very intresting in how he mixed his audio and moving images. I know audio has always been a kind of Art, a system!? Until now, knowing John Cage’s work. Is can be anything, anywhere we are in, is being able to hear. After the show today had made me rethink. Rethink, on what I think now and then….

“some will do things and have no aim just do things.
some will have an aim, then they run to their aim.” fr, Ed.K I wonder which one am I?

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