To argue the 2 in finding the knowladge

I don’t know where this 2 is but only finding more and more on the topic of machine.  Thinking of what the environment I am face to and what we are is really making this machine that will find the answer of balancing us in a place.  In the UK, they have a system of tax and able to argue the system they are in to make this idea of happiness.  What I mean is that in every topic we or our knowledge have to be able to put in the need within the area needed.  From the knowledge of number to know how many of them are wanting this and that.

When I was young, I always find it diffecult to know that the UK gorement to paying all the children in UK £10 per week in 1990s when I was 1st in the UK studying, now I know I only respent it with all my heart.  The understanding of Andy’s Warhol’s interview within the things he said about wanting everybody to be a machine is right in its rights.  But I also see of being a machine is too, we are human after all.  With out the people who make the machine change within time and hoping for the machine to have a mind and being able to change us may not be the best idea.  (From a book review of “Moral Machines: Teaching Robots Right from Wrong by Wendell Wallach and Colin Allen”)  There are alwys concenquesce in things, I know we will never have the pacfect way in making that something, in sicance or arts or any subjuct that we know.  But as the people from the devloped country know we may be going into “Matix” (the film) or hal 9000 we are still doing so.  The only thing is that somehow I have this idea was it that hman one day may all be like matix but the machine of the digital would may still need us for the wave energy we build from our mind?  I know I don’t have enought knowladge in this but I gusse with the mind of cractivity is to believe at something that are not here yat and being about to get together in making it as a fact like sicence.  And may be let me learn from not only the we (human) but all things in the world.  By doing this is trveal and able to see what is really around me may make art in the use of viwing using this scean I think I am strong at in making the art that make me.  Everyone is to love everyone and I dream on!

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