My 1st Draft – 2000 word of no knowing where I am with my thoughts!

What is a machine and how are we affecting machine and how we are turn into a machine?
Five Keywords: art; machine; mind; wisdom;

“… I’m painting this way is that I want to be a machine, and feel that whatever I do and do machine like is what I want to do.”  Andy Warhol

Machine in the West in link to art theory and how got here with our mind of machine.
What is a machine in the dictionary? Oxford:

The making of machine in finding art in carft and making? The word art comes from the Latin ‘ars’, which roughly translates as skill or technique.  The use of notion art is skilful and technically put together within ideas of the culture of images and objects.  Is about in using a tool in making that become so skilful in it that we know it so well as the same time from making that one thing we will also realise a nutaual of the tool used and being able to learn the tool. In the connection of machine and our mind and body.

The “we”, becoming the machine that we are the programmed us within the rules that are build, where we think we are self and within our conford zone.  To be limited towards to what we do.

Which come similar in the Chinese cult of where I am from too.  The idea of art as an invention had always been with in the whole way, is about in looking at this world in a way that creating something that makes us think and rethink.  Or is it to create in solving a problem we are facing at this moment in time!

• Stelarc – Ping Body
• Marcel Duchamp – 1915 the ready made of art.
• Artist wanting to be a machine – Andy Warhol interview, (GO BACK to pg 747 find out the interview’s title)
• Walter Benjamin – The work of art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
• William J. Mitchell – Me ++ (The cyborg self and the networked city)
• Barry Schwartz – Ted talk on us the wise we have lost!!

From the idea in solving the problem after what we have build with in the machinery we had made and not be a machine that we are.

Discuss the development of machine, the rapid movement of changes and where are we going with them?  What are we doing to the mistake made from all this consequences we like mother neutral to solve all problems we created.  Can we build a kind of visual language in hoping a realism experience that may make us in realizing what we are doing to our future, just like how we do it with the brainwash or advisement within the need of money, power and style.

Where are we now, where are we going? Comparing how machine made art and us continued in making machines.  We are at a world driven by of consumer goods, goods made by machines.   Many of them, so many that we are even making it that polluting within the earth but also surrounding the earth by machine outside the space, our 2nd skin, not only in human but with the object of what we call our home, “Earth”!!

May there be the mix of creative thinkers with the knowledge of making machine in helping us thought this mistake?  Or is this not a mistake at all? Is just what we’ve been brought up with that we should clean up the mass we’ve made?

Aim to find out the means of machine that make us in wanting to live longer and able to continued our thinking and not to have the end?  The art, is it all about being able to record our story to led our children in knowing the means of live? Is this really what we think of beauty?

In visualizing where we are to gain an understanding of where we could be?  Art of story telling that we imagine where we are in making it happen?  The every little thing that we do is affecting the things which will be, from where ever we start researching on.

The want of being a machine, thinking we are in a safe place but are we?
Repeating and looping system makes the machines, when we becomes the machine we go with the rules and forgotten we are whom that made the machine.  May be this system of machines, what we are not putting into the machine is us, our mind in drawing out the many other possibility in making the machine in making the perfect, in the that makes us.

Having this open doors to the world of globalization from the help of machinery, seeing our communication revolution, seeing the chaos we are in.  With the use of language and translations, we are starting to understand other culture but nothing is like visual language where we see for example what a word means in all culture.  From the machine of google search images.  We now can see what a door is all over the world in all different culture. From translating the word into all different languages.  Or will it be better we can join all culture together in language?

Thinking of the left: Logic, words, lists, lines, numbers and analysis – “academic” activities.  While the left cortex is more in the ‘alpha waves’ or resting state, ready to assist.  Right: rhythm, imagination, colour, daydreaming, spatial awareness, Gestalt (that is the whole organized picture or as you might put it, ‘the whole being greater than the sum of its parts’) and dimension.

Learn from history the industrial age?  What have we learn and we are still there!  In some part of the world only started.  The creating of jobs, are we going to the health sector like the show on modernism in 2006?  The neon technology, where they can travel into our bloodstream to remove diseased tissue at a molecular level.

Comfort Zone
Many of which what we are to do will have risk in doing things.  Are we not to make machines that will help us all in living longer? Not the need of power and money but the better in all people’s life?  The more the knowledge we have are we not to make our home a better place to live for all?  Am I living in my dream again where human are all too selfish, and I am too?  We can have the hope but not doing it ourselves but leaving it to the scientists and inventors?

From reading books like “What on earth happened?” and “Hold everything dear” we have this idea that we really are doing a lot to the world the have the evilness or witch in it!

Looking at art as a beauty where somehow should balance our mind and able to give us simulation to things that means much to us as well as things that don’t.  We can walk to think back and run to forget.

The GAMES – for the youths
1. Emotive Epoc on playing the digital or virtual gram in new skills from knowing our mind and control of our brainwaves.

2. The Mind Flex – No, this is not Jedi mind game workout equipment–even if it looks like it. Mattel is bringing its Mind Flex game to market this fall–and you control the action through hand, eye, and mind coordination.
“Theta waves – Theta is the frequency range from 4 Hz to 7 Hz. Theta is seen normally in young children. It may be seen in drowsiness or arousal in older children and adults; it can also be seen in meditation[citation needed]. Excess theta for age represents abnormal activity. It can be seen as a focal disturbance in focal subcortical lesions; it can be seen in generalized distribution in diffuse disorder or metabolic encephalopathy or deep midline disorders or some instances of hydrocephalus. On the contrary this range has been associated with reports of relaxed, meditative, and creative states.”

The game features an obstacle course that you will use your brainwave activity to control. The game relies on NeuroSky’s technology and sensors that reside in the headset apparatus.(See video coverage of NeuroSky technology)

One sensor is in the headset itself, against your forehead; two more clip onto your earlobes. The sensors measure theta-wave activity in your brain; the waves are directly related to your level of focus and concentration. The sensors register the theta-wave activity, translate that activity into a signal, and transmit it as a radio frequency to the Mind Flex.

The more theta-wave activity there is, the faster the little fan in the unit will spin. The speed the fan spins at, and therefore moves the ball, is based on how hard you concentrate. The faster the fan spins, the higher the ball goes along the Z axis. Turn a dial and move the ball along the X and Y axis.  Mind Flex is due out in Fall 2009.

Changing …
Our unused machine is a lesson to learn, to think about the place of where the machine are used how it become something else within the space in understanding the environment it is in.  What we think of simple may not be as simple as we think.  There are endless space within the Space but why are this object surrounding us?  We cannot just leave things as it is, we need to solve it too.

16th Feb 2009, from watching the BBC news today; pollution within the Space by unused machines (collision of satellites) we send up there! Mysterious debris said to look like a meteor or fireball in the sky has been captured on film over Austin, Texas.

Cares for others, the health and safety that make us now in London look at what happened within the day of snow?  I am not saying anything but is just that the will or us now with all the percendue we have to go though!!  The build of the tick the box education, not letting the teacher to do their job?  We need rules but not too many that lost the creativity of the subject!

“We must ask, not just is it profitable, but is it right!!” Barack Obama (12.18.08)

Making machine are great invention, with the help may be we should stop making robots in making money but a better place for us to live in.  May be all this as an essay in art is all too much as a polaic and not art, but art not put of it too?  As artist, is it not that we are to stop being a money machine but think of what we have or are doing around us?

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