machine – the hope of a question??

Machine, I cannot get it out of my mind. From the day I started my MA in digital art I have always thought of my final work as a machine but really what is a machine? The machine now – what it’s doing to us and what is the point in making it?

My references –

• Film – “2001 – A Space Odyssey”, the machine of the future, 1968 ( The system that became not a system?)
• Talks – – Talks Sergey Brin and Larry Page: Inside the Google machine – Flimed Fed 2004; Posted May 2007
• Traditional crafts and skills (Mediaeval and Renaissance time) relating the arts of making machine in the history and now.
• The shock of the new – (2004 DVD) in the search of new is it really going to fast and are we or should we not go slower in the search of new that somehow have to have the need in understanding of where and how we are now? Slower? Artist like MC Estch.
• Machine Art – Things / art pieces made by the machine that are made by us.
• Alan Key: making the machine to teach children his theory in Lev Manovich new book and Alan Key’s talk on, “Alan Kay: A powerful idea about teaching ideas” the fool of images…
• The Visual illusion – Betty Edwards Table in the book called – The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
• Telegraph – with the game for the brine/ mind… is this machine letting us into a new skill.. as the new toy coming out next month!
• The Law of Virtual – “becoming virtual – Reality in the digital age” – We are in a world of virtual already… The Actual and the Virtual, the word “virtual” is derived (develop from) from the Medieval Latin virtualis from virtus, meaning strength and power. “In scholastic philosophy the …”
• Andy Warhol – “I am trying to be a machine.”

Subjective thinking from REF.

• Building machine from us but really not us (back to the book about the word virtual). The making of the mark of us, how are we making us? Are we lost from the calculation of the machine (Chaotic) make us and as we think of ourselves as machine.
• Is Machine a power?
• In making the perfect or one that we think of as perfect.
• We make things and lots of them we made, then??
• Ok, if one day we really have made the machine Hal 9000, may be we are doing it in Google or the internet. Where much information is able to join together. Are there still the right and wrong? The start of the law in our physical world by …. “Lessing”
• Futurism? Of what we think of future is now.
• Art Theory
• The mind or our mind or my mind?
• Machine Art – art made by machines, machine made by human, is everything calculated are what we call right?
• Design of a machine, reason of making a machine in the drive of consumerism. The mass making, But have we really have enough thought in the making of the thing? The cycle of it being here and the consequences that leads to!!

Is there a machine like so …

• The picture machine – photography and images in the media
• The picture machine – the use of story telling and image making
• The Hulton Getty Picture Collection – started 1938 and its First digital product launched in 1990.
• Google image finder online – the use of words in the search of images.
• My there be a machine in search of image from the image or the color in real and not words? Does words always have to go with images, are there other ways in images? We are seeing them in our own language, there are 256

Machine, why machines are being made? The means of making things that helps us in making more and is this the right way in going forward? How and why others do so. What is a machine?


The remaking of the space that we are in and making things from the real to the virtual that we are not sure if ir is there are not.  The power of now we are in the real of being in the virtual world that make us now.  Much of which we are in it and not as virtual as we think it is.

2009, we are in the virtual world everyday, not knowing where this will take us.  There is the tureth reality in it as well.  The mking od art in machine art, is not where I like mtself in doing, is not a massage from the subjuctive thinking but the pocesss  in how one get out from it more than anything else.  The Future, what and how we think of it and now.  What we do will make who we are in the later life for all.

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