What makes a machine?

Marcel Duchamp’s “The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors” –
The objects depicted in the mechanical looking and its could be decribed as ‘quasi-scientific diagram of the erotic impulses between people’. There are also the wheels in the recent exhibition of him, Man Ray and Picabia in May 2008 at the Tate. He used different machine a lot in visual. Of couse there is my very faviate show what shows the ideas of machine a lot at the V&A “Modernism 1914 – 1939 Designing a new world”

Andy Warhol’s art machine (the factory of art)- We have made so many machine that we become part of the machine and the making of things and art for us to be one. The world art in the west is from the Latin ‘ars’, which roughly translates as ‘skill’ or ‘technique’. Now act is very different in it’s meaning and I remembered when I was looking at the arts in China or in the east, art in the way painting or silk was made was too much to do with the technique of a painting, I have to try and find it sometime this week. As I remember was about the red that was made at the time was brighter there for that painting was a piece of art. or very different from others.

With the making of machine, in the help of making image realistic, the eye machine (video recorder), the camera (Photography), the draem of having a machine that can think like us human, ‘Hal, 9000’ from 1968 film of ‘2001, A Space Odyssey’. Is this the way to go then? Making this? To think like us when the only thing is they will not be us, they will not forget, not old and one day will powered us?

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