Tutorial 02

Name of Tutor: Jonathan
Date: 21st Jan 2009

Issues discussed/Subject:
•  Proposal rewriting
•  Mid Point Review – was please at the out come on what people felt on the work, as much of the way within the art work is about the being of us in today’s world of art and of what and how word have become a kind of important in the visual language.  Is it how I ask too if it is about the way we think of the visual language when one have not studied the language as we had.  When I was reading the “Processing” book by Greenberg.
“ … having taught both painting and programming, it is much, much, much harder to paint to (really) learn to paint or even draw a figure than it is to gain basic fluency in programming.”
I understand many of us take photos as a kind of memory and as much of it as an enjoyment and for some of us that copy or draw things.  I am wondering still are we losing out on really understand the way in how and why or what are we doing in the images or how now the mix of language in the written and will there be then a meaning in what are we, the globalize culture we are in?
• To learn processing, bring the map together, there is a part of me thinking I am the machine but I am not, as much I will like the other to see what is happening within themselves when one use it.  Still in the search of this in the format in doing so.

• The moment of process make to change of a small different into a big change. (yahoo and Goolge)
• Learning action and reflecting of within the making of work. (notes on wiki)
• The making of the post it words to images and see what you find and stop.
• The research question for this cult. We are in?
•Stave Reich
•  The making will led to the final out come.
•  Like the flash project somehow you will know when to stop if the drawing is done.  Or the drawing Visualize the thinking and then or like work produced interacts with self?

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