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10th Sept 2008

(natural + Culture) Transfroming / Transfromion.
To be able to — mix in with students / carmporate together

What am I doing?
Who am I?
What are we doing?
Moments of capture? being still and not? (moives)
Where am I? the earth
Is it really about I? yes, is about what you have come across in my learning that you now shear in chats / writing and image making!
Recording? (Moblie and radio)
Being in a place, London.  Now, and was in HK
Mapping?  My gride of sorting things. guide me to a place!
Light, seeing we need light/ The black and white / Colour/ Computer montiors / the system of prints out / Photos and RGB?
Computer Graphics (Words), the Green, (Why did I write that? Is it the Doc?) Games.

From Andy in the Lecture Hall – To be able to see the city as one whole.  City (new / old)?  So… is the vitural world another city of where we already see… the join together in how we are alike in what we do?

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